Junior League of Knoxville

Welcome to JLK Advocacy

For more than 90 years, the members of the Junior League of Knoxville have worked to advance our quality of life through voluntarism. From training the next generation of women leaders to making our communities healthier and more vibrant, League members help people turn dreams and aspirations into reality. Decisions are being made every day that affect the way we live by federal, state, and local lawmakers, and JLK Advocacy aims to serve its members as the voice of JLK to the decision-makers at all levels of government. Whether you are looking to make a difference in your local community or abroad, APA gives you the tools you need to make the impact you desire.

Mission: The Advocacy and Public Awareness (APA) Committee is a state level coalition formed and owned by the Junior Leagues of Tennessee to facilitate networking, coordinate information and research, promote awareness and advocate on issues of shared interest.

Priorities: The priorities are areas of concentration that direct resources (money, time and people) to achieve the mission.

  • To train and assist member Leagues in their advocacy and public awareness programs
  • To identify social issues of shared interest that impact the projects and activities of member Leagues and to develop and coordinate respective advocacy and public awareness programs
  • To monitor pending legislation, disseminate information to members, and collectively advocate for or against legislation that affects affirmed social issues.

The Junior League of Knoxville is a member of the Tennessee Advocacy and Public Awareness Committee, consisting of delegates from the eight Junior Leagues in the state: Bristol, Chattanooga, Johnson City, Kingsport, Knoxville, Memphis, Murfreesboro and Nashville. TAPA is committed to ensuring that all women, children, and their families have access to the opportunities and services essential for optimal physical, mental, emotion and social growth and well-being by supporting programs and legislation that meets these objectives.