Junior League of Knoxville


JLK awards mini-grants in the amount of $50 to $500 on a competitive basis to teachers for innovative classroom projects. All certified Knox county school teachers are elligible.

The deadline to apply for a 2016-17 Mini-Grants was November 14. Stay tuned to see the winners!

Congratulations, 2015 Mini-Grant Award Winners!

2015 Junior League of Knoxville Belk Event Mini-Grant Recipients

  • Betsi Vesser & Steve Davis, Powell Elementary, "Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto"
  • Cheryl Burchett, Beaumont Magnet Academy, "Full STEAM Ahead with Art-bots in the Art Room"
  • Dawn Stacy, Blake Dougan, Amanda Gibson & Rachel Cabrera, Brickey-McCloud Elementary, "4th Grade Science Palooza"
  • Mary L. Webster, Farragut Primary School, "Peace, Love and Puppets!"
  • April Lamb, Shannondale Elementary School, "Engineer Through the Year"
  • Dedra Kinder Hall, Karns High School, "READING: A Life-long Community Journey AVID Students' Little Free Library"
  • Nancy Friedrich, Dogwood Elementary School, "Whooo Loves Science"
  • Kristi Graap, Robyn Ball, Hannah Haddox & Kim Rhode, Ball Camp Elementary, "The Butterfly Lifecycle Project"
  • Laura Mitchell, Farragut Primary School, "Building Fluency with a Poetry Cafe"
  • Chris Kimel, Ridgedale Alternative School, "Student Entrepreneurial Project- Hot Dog Stand"
  • Melissa McMurry, Cedar Bluff Pre-School, "Let's Do the Zoo!"
  • Beth Mooney & Will Roberts, Powell High School, "The Science of the Grass at Neyland Stadium"
  • Julianne Brandt, Karns Middle School, "Candy to Teach Cells!?!?"
  • Lisa Cranston, Bearden Elementary, "Home/School Connections for Math and Science"
  • Katie Hays, Rocky Hill Elementary, "Chicken Science"
  • Greg Lemmons, Central High School, "Mock Crime Scene" 
  • Kathleen Cooper, South Doyle High, "Kinesthetic Exploration Using Snap Circuits: Current, Circuits and Resistors, Oh My!"
  • Ivy Stubbs, Falecia Sharp, Kristen Kilby, Izaak Standridge & Ashleigh Howard, Christenberry Elementary, "Tender Loving Care"
  • Chris Hammond, Knoxville Central High School, "Help is on the way!! (Performing the Heimlich Maneuver)"
  • Renee LeMoine, Cedar Bluff Pre-School, "Listening Center"
  • Lynne Berney, Karns Elementary School, "Who You Gonna Call? Forcebusters!"
  • Melissa Halter, Brickey-McCloud Elementary, "EVERYone can play with toys"
  • P. Jaye Clark, Austin East High School, "In Search of the Perfect Place... Exploring our options/ reading for pleasure"
  • Selena Lawrence & Caitlin Lunsford, Pond Gap Elementary, "More than Words... Using Technology to Build Language, Literacy and Confidence for ELL Students"
  • Joann M. LaPointe, Karns High School, "Inspiring Students' Learning of Mathematics Using the TI-Nspire CAS App for iPads"
  • Sam Karmia, Spring Hill Elementary, "Spring Hill Robotics Lab (After School Party)
  • Jennifer Randolph, Vine Middle Magnet School, "The Making of a Makerspace"
  • Lynnsey Metcalf, Chilhowee Intermediate School, "Advancing Advanced Readers"
  • Kerstin Sisco, Blue Grass Elementary, "Biography Buzz about 100: 'Who Was...' Books
  • Jennifer Tidwell, Halls Middle School, "Owl Pellet Exploration- What was for dinner?"
  • Alison King, East Knox County Elementary, "Chill Drill"
  • Adrienne Notess, Dogwood Elementary School, "Scientific Music"
  • Viktoria Henderson, South Knox Elementary, "Lunch Bunch Book Club"
  • Jyl Smithson & Henna St. Clair, Amherst Elementary, "The One and Only Ivan"
  • Alyssa Parker, West Haven Elementary, "Supporting Whole Child Development Through Natural Outdoor Place Spaces"
  • Andrea Maples, Ridgedale Alternative School, "Incentive Chair"
  • Athena Lane, Ridgedale Alternative School, "Kites in the Classroom"
  • Amy Kroninger, Farragut Intermediate School, "Connecting Capabilities to Careers for 5th Grade"
  • Molly Moore, Beaumont Magnet Academy, "Check me out! I'm checking myself out!"