Community Circle Members

The Community Circle was founded in 2007 and membership is limited to individuals who give at the most generous level. These funds are specifically earmarked for community projects, such as our JLK Personal Development Center at Helen Ross McNabb. This year we will continue to provide monthly educational sessions for women who have received services from the Family Justice Center and its partner agencies. These sessions are focused on empowerment, helping women experience and learn new ways to obtain personal control within their own lives, and to find their voices and utilize them. We will continue classes (e.g. parenting/family planning, nourishment, budgeting, resume writing skills, etc.) with women and children who live at the Joy D. Baker Center.

Thank you to our 2018/2019 Community Circle Members

Teré Atwater
Ann Bailey
Marty Begalla

Tamara Boyer

Kirby Collins
Mindy Coulter
Kelli DeRieux

Marcia Elam
Robin Gibson
Nola Jan Greaves

Cammy Kromer
Crissy Haslam
Natalie Haslam
Sally Hester
Margaret Ritchie

Kathryn Vinson

Community Circle Donors

Barbara Johnston

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